Register and start charging

Charging with your adhoc tariff

You can use the VERBUND charging stations with the VERBUND-Guest tariff immediately. You only need to register once and the VERBUND network is already open to you.

Starting Fee: € 1.- per charging session
Output tariff at VERBUND-Business-Charging
up to 19.9 kW
€ 0.06 per minute
from 20 kW to 49.9 kW
€ 0.15 per minute
from 50 kW up to 79.9 kW
€ 0.45 per minute
above 80 kW
€ 0.95 per minute

* The information on power relates to the maximum output power of the charging point, regardless of the power consumption of the vehicle. All prices are in EURO and include 20% sales tax.